Health isn’t a size; it’s a feeling.

Weight loss and body contouring made simple.

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Be the best version of yourself – inside and out

Welcome to our transformational weight loss service, designed to achieve your health and wellness goals – without exercise. At our clinic, we believe in creating a long-term program that helps you develop a healthy relationship with food, tailored to your unique body, preferences, and lifestyle.

To help you achieve your ideal weight, we combine personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice with Contour Light® technology, a cutting-edge system that kickstarts your body’s natural fat-burning process.

Our technology is safe, non-invasive, and clinically proven to deliver results swiftly and permanently. With our expertise and the latest technology, you can start feeling better, looking better, and living your best life. It’s time to unlock your true potential, and we’re here to help you do it.

Our Solutions

Weight Loss - SlimGevity

Weight Loss

Transform your weight loss journey into a break-out moment. Our supervised program will be the last weight loss program you’ll need. Lose weight comfortably and naturally with our expert support.

Body Contouring - SlimGevity

Body Contouring

If you’re looking for a fast and long-term inch-reduction method that’s painless, non-surgical, and gives out results from the first session, we’ve got you: Contour Light® is exactly what you need.

Introducing Contour Light®

Live your life to the fullest without worrying about that extra weight! Our revolutionary Contour Light® body contouring system is a specially designed, FDA-approved method of painless fat loss. Get ready for results fast – quickly and safely rid yourself of those inches in no time at all, letting you focus on what really matters: living healthy and happy.

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Pay just $37 for your first Contour Light® consult session

Normally $249 for a single session, pay only $37 for your first Contour Light® session and initial measurements before your Contour Light® treatment. In addition, we will include the add-ons of the face mask treatment and a vibration plate session as well to get you off to a good start.*

*First-time customers only.
Normal price is $249 for a single session.