6 Tips for a firmer backside

Let’s be real; the thought of working out doesn’t excite the majority of us. But the thought of having a firmer butt might!

  1.   It’s common for women to want to hide their butt under long, bulky shirts. But, if you are targeting a specific body part, it’s better if you are able to see it. When focusing on your butt, opt for yoga pants or tight-fitting shorts.
  2.   Adding weight with a body bar or barbell to basic moves like squats or step-ups can help you maximize your results. Your glutes will work harder, and you’ll burn more calories.
  3.   Taking your time with squats and lunges can also help maximize your results. Try to hold for 30 seconds at the lowest point of the move. You’ll not only experience a deeper contraction through your glutes and core, but you’ll also stabilize your spine better before lifting back up. You may finish sooner by rushing through your strength routine, but you’re shortchanging your results.
  4.   Stay away from negative thoughts and images. When you analyze everything your hate about your body, you’ll find that it is harder for you to improve and stay motivated.
  5.   Change up your routine and try a variety of moves designed to help work out your glutes. From the classic squats and lunges to the Bridge and Modified Warrior 3 – changing up your routine will help
  6.   Mini workouts throughout the day can help, especially if you have a busy schedule. Keep a set of weights on your desk or in your car. You can do standing leg lifts in the break room, calf raises while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, or make some lunges while you take your dog on your evening walk. Throughout the day, these quick workouts will add up to a full workout.

Any workout routine requires patients and dedication. But once you see the results, it will all be worth it!

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